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Beers - Darkness Brewing

Beer Hall of Fame

Witch Head Nebula - Red IPA with Beets - 56 IBU | 6.3% ABV

A red IPA made redder with added beets giving this ale its brilliant color. Also featuring a proprietary blend of hops called Falconer’s Flight 7 C’s that lend a complex fruity nose and flavor. Hoppy Halloween!

Toastonut - Coconut Cascade Dark Ale - 70 IBU | 7.1% ABV

Usually a big and bitter black ale from the Pacific Northwest, we used copious amounts of toasted coconut to create a wonderful combination of aroma, flavor and texture with a creamy and smooth mouthfeel — all without being too sweet.

Thanks a’ Latte - Milk Stout - 25 IBU | 6% ABV

A large proportion of roasted barley combined with lactose gives this milk stout coffee aroma and flavor with a smooth, creamy finish.

Stonebraker - Smoked Porter - 43 IBU | 5.8% ABV

Chocolate, crystal and cherry wood-smoked malts come together to make a rich (but not too heavy) porter that’s just been kissed by smoke.

Royal Peasant - Imperial KY Common - 18 IBU | 8.24% ABV

We took our Bellevue Common and made it twice the beer. Two times the corn, barley and rye, with added molasses make this an easy-drinking fall beer.

Ike Ike Baby - Vanilla Brown Ale - 20 IBU | 8.25% ABV

A delicate blend of vanilla and maple syrup are combined in this brown ale to create a sweet, strong ale — perfect for the cool fall weather.

Christothor - The Blonde - 25 IBU | 4.5% ABV

A mellow blonde with American and English hopes to show the lighter side of Darkness.

Chocolate Murphy - Imperial Chocolate Porter - 47 IBU | 9.3% ABV

Chocolate malt and cocoa powder make for smooth textures and flavors of dark chocolate.

Chocolate Heifer - Chocolate Milk Stout - 30 IBU | 5.7% ABV

A different take on our almost-famous Man on the Moo. Roasted barley was replaced with chocolate malt and a bit of baking chocolate to create a silky-smooth texture with notes of bittersweet chocolate.

Blumpkin - Black Pumpkin Ale - 25 IBU | 7.1% ABV

Brewed with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice from Colonel De himself.

Bellevue Common - KY Common Al - 14 IBU | 4.8% ABV

All the rage in the late 1800’s, this historic beer is made with ingredients commonly found in Kentucky. Corn, barley and rye make this beer light and easy to drink.

Beach Park Wheat - Hefeweizen Wheat - 17 IBU | 4.88% ABV

Our version of a Hefeweizen that’s named for Bellevue’s Beach Park. A simple recipe of pilsner and wheat malts, noble hops, and yeast. The nose is all banana, and the flavor starts with banana and moves to slight clove with a clean, malty finish. Very refreshing and made to drink all day.

Beach Park After Dark - Dunkelweizen - 15 IBU | 5.4% ABV

A dark wheat beer with notes of banana and clove. Roasted and crystal wheat add color and malty flavor to this Dunkelweizen.

Mosaic Anomaly - American IBA - 31 IBU | 4.2% ABV

A single-hopped black ale featuring Mosiac hops. The late hop additions and dry hopping create tons of flavor upfront with a clean, smooth finish.

7 C’s Anomaly - Black Session - 23 IBU | 5% ABV

Strong fruit and citrus characteristics with layers of spicy and earthy overtones. Falconer’s Flight 7 C’s are a blend of hops all beginning with the letter C.

Coffee Anomaly - Black Session Ale - 31 IBU | 4.2% ABV

A single-hopped black ale featuring Simcoe hops and cold-brewed coffee to create lots of flavor with a clean, smooth finish.

Shorty the Imp - Imperial Stout - 71 IBU | 8.5% ABV

Our example of an imperial stout, or American Double Stout. Ours has just the right amount of roast mouthfeel with a strong finish.

Man on the Moo - Milk Stout - 33 IBU | 5.3% ABV

A blend of roasted malts and lactose create a rich and creamy mouth feel with a light body.

Centennial Anomaly - Black Session - 23 IBU | 5% ABV

A single-hopped black ale featuring Centennial hops. The late hop additions and dry hopping create tons of flavor upfront with a clean, smooth finish.

Hop Head Nebula - American IBA - 73 IBU | 6.8% ABV

IPA-style black ale featuring Chinook, Mosiac and Centennial hops for a citrus and piney blend that is a hop head’s dream.

Marrigold - Smash Golden - 18 IBU | 5% ABV

A single malt and single hop ale showcasing the Marris Otter malt and the East Kent Goldings hop. The British malt and British hop create a mild, malty golden ale.