We have a real passion for beer, all different flavors and styles. One of our favorite things about home brewing was making anything and everything that sounded interesting. Pineapple and Chipotle Pepper? Yep. Vanilla Maple Brown Ale? for sure, 11% Super Stout why not?! We love going to some of our favorite breweries and trying something new, so our approach to running our own brewery is very similar. Our goal is to keep the taps rotating so there is always something new and interesting on tap. We’ll keep a few crowd favorites coming back around as well as a nice variety for everyone’s palate.


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Tap Room: M 3pm-10pm || T 3pm-10pm || W 3pm–10pm || TH 3pm–10pm || F 12pm–12am || S 12pm–12am || SU 1pm–8pm

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