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“what made you guys want to open this brewery?” no matter how many times I've heard it, I always get knocked off guard for a second As I've never really sat down and thought about it. Why did we? Eric was already homebrewing for years before I joined him back in 2011. for awhile we just had fun together in his kitchen creating and brewing different beer recipes and of course drinking them. Friends would come over and help us enjoy them occasionally and after awhile we started hearing things like “ma'an, you guys should open up your own microbrewery”. After hearing this for awhile, and the encouragement from those close to us, we decided maybe we can. I mean, Why not have fun doing what we love and getting to serve it across our own bar? So we came up with the idea of darkness brewing. A Microbrewery focusing on darker and unusual styles while taking risks and having fun. With the help of too many friends to list, We ran a successful crowdfunding effort and got just the support we needed. Then Enlisting help from our lovely wives and good friends Shawn, Rick, Jay, Kevin, Jesse, Ray, and of course Cameron, who can sledge hammer down a concrete block wall in minutes, we built it all. Shout out to DuPont Plumbing and AJR Electric for the hard stuff. Matt and Jason from Artifact Art Gallery in Newport articulated every piece of our reclaimed wood bar-top that was salvaged mostly out of an old bellevue home from the 1860's. We love it. We run a 3.5bbl brew house, have seven taps, sell beer by the glass, flight, and growler. offer the occasional guest tap, and we'll always have a cider on for those who get dragged here that may not prefer beer. Food trucks, seasonal events, live original music, live art, and lots of fun with beer. That is what we're about. One of our favorite parts about brewing is taking risks.. and we plan to. You'll find lighter beers, darker beers, as well as experimental and seasonal. So here we are, Eric and Ron, excited to bring you some of our favorite homebrew recipes and to hang out and enjoy life. Thank you for visiting.
~ Ron Sanders

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